Our Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition is grounded on the principle that Extended Sustainable Mobility Innovation 4.0 needs to unite and set focus in a highly fragmented swarm of rather local hubs, think tanks and incubators.

Smobhub is a Platform thats transforms the European Extended Sustainable Mobility Ecosystem

Promoting innovation excellence that overcomes fragmentation and waste of efforts by integrating and connecting all stakeholders (SMEs, corporations, innovation agents and governments).

Fosters true open collaboration cross borders, cross sectorial, stimulating the European economy. We are not only creating the optimal conditions to generate startups, but also supporting them to become relevant scale ups to compete at global level.

About moving people and goods in a more efficient and sustainable way. We want to connect the dots to stop the trend of starting from scratch again and again, to avoid wasting resources all around Europe due to a lack of connections.

Smobhub Connector borns to facilitate that SMEs have a clear understanding on technologies that are transforming the world and learn how to leverage that in the areas such as, for instance:



  • Autonomous vehicle & systems.
  • Mapping & navigation.
  • Sensors, Hardware & training data.
  • E – mobility & battery tech.
  • Connected vehicles & v2x.
  • Mobility services & Micro mobility.
  • Vehicle marketplaces & aftermarket.
  • Cybersecurity.
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